25 October 2007


Through the holidays and into the new year, J brought a parade of various contractors through — for foundation, plumbing, roofing and electrical work. Helpful as that was for my planning, I only went with one of them. Meanwhile, I played with the garage plan, increasing the square footage, removing the storage area and adding my own storage extension off the back. Then I made some sketches with doors and fenestration, and finally the loft, supply and reading area.

As a child, the Etch-A-Sketch was my favorite toy and I spent hours upon hours drawing floor plans and elevations. I took a subscription to Architectural Digest when I was twelve. Considering how long I had been thinking of making a building, it's funny to look at the scraps that actually served as instructions for my first one.

The front (north) elevation:

The west side elevation:

The the rear (south) elevation:

The west shed elevation:

The east side elevation:

A cross-section with a sketch of the sink and paper shelves:

The interior wall and loft:

The floor plan under the loft:

Sitting in my studio now, I am amazed to look around and see what became of these scribbles, almost indecipherable notes and numbers, all wrinkled and smudged with dirt. I can only wonder how Louis Kahn felt in Dhaka.

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