22 October 2007

So, you want to build a studio?

In May of 2005, I flew from Charlottesville, Virginia to look for a house to buy in Nashville, Tennessee. Cruising the last street of my first house-hunting day, I spotted a For Sale By Owner sign and pulled up the dirt drive of a neat and simple cottage. Walking around to the back, I came upon a cardinal and wild rabbit enjoying the scene. I enjoyed it, too.

My first thought: This is for me. My second thought: That little barn is where I'll build a studio. I walked around to get a feel for the place.

I am telling this tale in retrospect and look forward to eventually catching up to the present day. This blog shares the step-by-step (or blow-by-blow, depending on the day) experience of the building process (at least what am willing or able to remember) and to watch the process of an idea becoming a reality.

An old friend asked me if I was really prepared to put myself through reliving the experience so soon. Not really! Soon? It's been over a year since I moved into the studio. If I wait any longer, I may never get around to it. When I think of the trauma and drama that ensued in the process and wonder about writing about it, I remind myself that this is the diary of the studio, not my diary. Still, I’ll try to include my better anxiety attacks for the sake of humor.

So, here's what happened....

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