06 November 2007

Not a pretty sight

Here is command central where I made all the calls, kept all the plans, the files, the calculator, the mounting piles of receipts and god knows what else. Me and all of the kitchen chairs for company. In my little house, I had everything that had been stored in the shed, supplies and furniture that was going to be moved into the new studio, and all of those extra things that came with my recent move that I'd not had time to sort through and discard. The office/guest room was packed to the gills — I kept the door to that room closed. Increasingly, I also had fixtures, appliances and materials for the interior of the studio, taking up increasing amounts of space in the living room. The felines were confined to the bedroom. I mention all of this because in order for me to get from any point A in the house to any other point required considerable dexterity and planning.

Just to get in and out the back door (a frequent occurrence)

and to plug in and unplug the extension cord for the power tools out back was an ordeal.

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