26 November 2007


My award for the most ludicrous entry in the annals of film history must go to Richard Lester for The Bed-Sitting Room. I saw it when I was still a teenager and think that I must have sat squinting through the entire screening with my mouth slightly open. It's (sort of) about England after a nuclear holocaust with a great cast of characters including Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Ralph Richardson transforms into the title character (a bed sitting room) and Marty Feldman runs around in a nurse's uniform. Everything blown up has fallen back to earth into piles of similar objects. For example, I remember a big pile of shoes, another of tires and so forth.

This photo reminds me of that film. I had piles of receipts and piles of work shoes. Piles of bricks and piles of scrap. Piles of dirt and, well, you get the picture. One of my great work outs was moving that pile of bricks onto the truck from the salvage yard then off of the truck to the above location.

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