02 November 2007

The Stuff

Here's most of the Home Depot delivery. The plywood, OSB, bags of cement, black paper for the roof was delivered without much of a hitch though we did discover where the old septic tank is situated.

We put the pile of siding out of the way for the time being. You can see it stacked to the left of the trusses. The truss delivery truck managed to run over my young Leland Cypress:

Which I propped back up and am happy to say is now quite a bit taller than I am. The 2 x 4s would come in the morning and out of these little piles (more or less) we made quite a nice building. What's missing in these photos are the shingles, windows and doors. Oh, and the sheet rock. Plus, of course, everything inside.

One thing I am utterly proud of is the very little bit of waste we made in the process. Just a pile of dirt and hunks of cement that Willi let drip and harden and bits and pieces of this and that. Except for one heave-ho, most everything fit in the regular trash cans and nothing, that I can remember, was toxic. Ok, well, almost nothing.

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