28 November 2007

Wires and Drywall

I was definitely too busy making decisions during the wiring to take any pictures. I was not prepared with enough information in advance. Where to put the outlets? How many outlets? How about the switches? Where to position the track lights? Don't forget the outside motion sensor lights and the shed light. All you can see from that stage are the little blue plastic boxes. One's up there in the ceiling and another few in the photo below. I would have done a few things differently. Set the track lights away from the wall another six inches, put a main switch for the lights not only inside the front door but also at the back and at least wired for exterior lights on either side of the front door. But none of those issues are critical and I get along fine with the lighting and outlets as is.

See that piece of paper taped to the door? That's the back of the cartoon I posted yesterday.

Home Depot delivered the dry wall but did not put it in the building. Oh, yeah! I remember now. The drywall delivery was scheduled to coincide with the arrival of the drywall installers which happened to fall on the day of the National Immigrant Strike which means it was April 25, 2006. And, there was rain on the way. The drywall was delivered but the installers were Mexican. I forget how many sheets there were. 36? 48? More? I called one of the handymen and he and I together lifted the pieces and moved them inside which was oh, about ten feet or so. They do not call this stuff sheet rock for nothing. Of all the hard labor I did on this place, moving those pieces of drywall was the most difficult physical task. You have to do it to understand it. That's all I can say. Wow. But I did it (although I could not possibly have done it by myself) and lived to tell the tale.

Sheet rock work is DUSTY. It rained. The team of installers showed up the following evening and did a great job.

Terry Anderson was the drywall contractor I hired and he was the shining star of my show who kept me from losing complete faith in the ability and integrity of workers. He made sure that everything was done properly, in a timely manner, by able and friendly people at a fair price. He made me very happy.

Much later, I discovered that one of my little electrician friends drilled holes through the roof in two places when he was preparing the boxes for two of the motion sensor lights. Luckily, the roofer happened discovered both on two trips out for unrelated tasks.

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