15 December 2007

Tom's Truck

Way back when J. quit and I was momentarily destabilized, I called my friend Tom Kimmel to tell him that I'd take him up on his offer to loan me his truck. He said, and I quote, just keep it as long as you need to. Apparently I needed to keep it for about 3 months. Tom's loan of his truck to me was the single most empowering event throughout this experience. It was amazing how quickly I became adept at tooling around in the pick up. The two most important things were first that someone would be kind enough to extend such trust and generosity in the midst of my chaos and second that I could go do and pick up anything I needed to in the course of the building without waiting for or relying on someone I'd have to hire. I heaved and hoed bricks and lumber and trim and dirt and plants and god know's what else. A great liberation to be able to do it on my own. Thanks again, Tom!

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