27 December 2007

Waste Not, Want Not

One part of this project I am quite proud of is that there was very little waste. Sure, there were several trash bins full of scrap wood, siding, a few bits of plastic and snippets of this and that. All of the excess lumber I either put to use myself or gave away. The final pile of remnants went for one decent price at my yard sale this year.

I only needed two things hauled away. One was the dribbles of hardened and heavy cement that Willie left. A friend's son hauled that away in several pickup truck loads. The other was a pile of dirt that the, ahem, "graders" left. That really took a while. I waited more than a month on the neighborhood yard guy who promised me he'd get to it. Finally, I put it on craigslist and some fellow came with his wife and kids and shoveled the whole pile into his pickup truck (also several loads) and made use of it elsewhere.

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