12 January 2008

Exterior Palette

You all know, and if you don't, someone will tell you how difficult it is to choose wall paint from a one inch square sample chip.

I was out of money and over the project but the building had to be painted and frankly, so did my house, so I forged ahead. If you build it, they will come. Do what you love and the money will follow. That sort of thing.

I knew that I wanted a warm grey with cream trim and some accent colors. There is a row of Hackberry trees that, more or less, line the east side of my property. So I stuck the chips up on the bark and "Voila!" A Palette.

The Ralph Lauren colors are as follows:

Body of house and studio - Forde Abbey
Trim of house and studio - Loft Living
Front door of house - Black Truffles
Back door of house - Fairy Dust (Glidden)
Front, back and shed door of studio - Khaki
Front patio floor, back utility room floor and exterior steps - Mombassa Mint

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