23 January 2008

Full Circle

I am leaving you with the two paintings that hang by the side of the front studio door. The top is the second watercolor I made in the studio, a copy of Carel Fabritus The Goldfinch featured on the opening post on My Great Day. The bottom is my painting of the old shed that originally stood on the site of the new studio and is featured in the prologue to this blog.

Have I told you how much I love it here in my studio?  I do!  And how grateful that I was able to realize this project?  I am! 

If you've arrived at this page as a first time visitor, I refer you to the contents in the sidebar where you can read about the designing, building and coming to life of my painting studio in an orderly manner.

This blog now merges into my other blogs with daily postings from this studio:

Landscape into Art, my main painting site

My Great Day where I post influences, art history and music essays, videos, photos and personal what-not

Studies and Sketches, various studies and drawings

and The Grand Tour, weekly Sunday posts of paintings made while I was touring as a singer songwriter.

Many thanks to Laurie McCarriar for her support throughout this building project. Laurie is a photographer in Asheville, NC who makes fabulous prints and notecards of my paintings and with whom I've collaborated on a number of design projects.

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