17 November 2007

The State of Things

The roof tile went up without a glitch, naturally. The roofer's father was a roofer and his son is a roofer. This was easy, pleasant and over with in no time.

I was having some problems with the windows I'd ordered from Home Depot. The small awning windows for the east wall did not come in right. Neither did the transom window. I think that the loft window crank was broken on arrival and J. could not figure out how to install the twin window (for which you see the gaping hole in the above picture). The result of all this was that I had to wait on installing four or five of the windows. I really forget the exact sequence of events but ultimately, when the windows were all properly accounted for and installed, Home Depot credited me for 4, and the window manufacturer refunded my money for 2. So, of 13 windows, 6 were no charge. It was a pain, but funny by the end of it all and how could I complain? What a deal!

J. still had about a day's worth of work to finish. In fact, I think that it would have taken him more than one day. But it was important stuff, like the knee walls in the loft some bracing in the trusses, a ladder for the loft and the back shed door and window. Later, I realized that he had not made any threshold support before (or after) installing the front entry doors. The framing had to be brought to an end point in order to have the building inspector sign off. In my attempt to maintain decent neighborly relations, my excuse for bringing this phase to a close was financial. But I was counting the hours.

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