16 November 2007

Still singing

Our Mockingbird continued to serenade us which was good because things were getting tense with J. Very tense.

When J. swore at me in no uncertain terms in the middle of Home Depot because I asked him to move his truck to the contractor's entrance, I thought, well, I will have to fire him as soon as this phase is complete because this is definitely not acceptable. It all started falling apart after the drinking on the roof business. Right there, I lost my authority. Then J. invited over a neighbor I didn't recognize to visit while he worked. The visitor parked his large truck in my drive, blocking the termite man and I had to ask him to leave. You would have thought I'd seriously insulted his mother. I was running on way too much caffeine and J. was running on too much alcohol. Tension was building and an explosion was imminent.

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