03 December 2007

Before Grading

The yard was pretty ripped up from the trucks and the trenching. I'd remembered J. telling me that I'd have to have the yard graded after all the trucks were through. I did not know anything about grading. All the trucks were through. I was still under the mistaken impression that people who advertised themselves as professionals knew what they were doing. I was about to make my biggest mistake.

Do you ever look back at an action you've taken and wondered why, when your better instincts were telling you something was wrong, you did not pay attention? I certainly have. My next door neighbor recommended a man to grade my yard and I should have looked further.

I also should have educated myself more about the process and brought in at least a second opinion but for some reason, I did not. I even had a chance to back out because before we had set a date for grading, I just happened to look out the kitchen window to see a crowd of guys with shovels and rakes coming up the back yard from the alley. I told them to come back after we'd made an appointment. That was my chance to back out but I didn't.

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