04 December 2007

First Grading

Here's the scene after the first grading. You know there's something coming up if I'm talking about the "first" grading. But it looks all right from here. As soon as the guys finished grading, we spread clover seed, scattered hay and then it rained. Actually, we got a lot of rain. Then I noticed a few small lakes. You can see the depression from one below.

This was not the only depression. There were at least three places that accumulated water during rain. I also could not help but notice that the water would run toward, not away from the house and the studio.

Oh, I wish I had a copy of Carl Hiaasen's Stormy Weather so that I could quote the paragraph about the truckload of "construction worker" cousins from Tennessee... I happened to be reading that just about this time and it was a life saver.

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Leena said...

Hi Suzanne!
first time in this your blog!
I answered to your question in my blog.
Kiki is 6 years old Golden Retriever
and very, very "golden" to us.
and nothing better than put feet up after good work.
Good gardening to you!