09 December 2007

The Floor

If someone had told me that I would be installing a floor by myself any time up to the day I decided that I was going to do it, I would have laughed out loud. Be that as it may, after painting the interior, I sealed the cement floor with another 5 gallon bucket of oops! tinted cement sealer that I bought for another $15 (daily trips to Home Depot would occasionally pay off).

After considerable research and shopping around, I bought underlayment and pseudo pergo click and lock floor panels on clearance at Home Depot. I think the whole shebang cost me about $500.

I started in the far corner of the supply room:

(see the pex tubing for the plumbing?) I cut the floor panels (rather roughly, I'm afraid) where I had to with a little jigsaw. Then I worked my way out through the main room

and around to the back.

I set myself 3 hour daily sessions so that I wouldn't burn myself out trying to do it all at once. I finished in 3 days. Yes, I consider this one of my greatest accomplishments! I just put my mind to it and I did it.

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Don Gray said...

I have loved reading your trials and tribulations in studio building. I can really relate, having done my own fair share of home remodeling/building projects.

Don't know if you're familiar with Scott Conary, a Portland Oregon painter, but he tells a tale of studio-building on his blog you might enjoy: http://www.conary.org/blog/?p=58