13 December 2007


You can't make a building without considering the site. Hence, these bits about the grounds.

I had been waiting to plant a hedge until all of the trucks were through. So the trucks were gone and my shrub stash was ready to take possession of their new home. I wanted an evergreen foundation that would grow quickly and thrive and act as a natural fencing element. Elaeagnus is non-native and invasive but it's a good retreat for wildlife, produces berries for birds and fragrant blooms several times a year. Because I wanted a more wild, less cultivated look, and because I was planting in a straight line, I thought that by varying the plants I might creat more interest. I planted several elaeagnus, then a red-tipped photinia and then several wax-leaf privet (which have fragrant blooms at different times than the elaeagnus).

Anchored by leyland cyprus at far corner that will soon become a giant.

The view from the studio is surprisingly expansive for the neighborhood. I wanted to keep the view but needed protection and privacy so chose to use wire fence to supplement the young shrubs. It's virtually invisible but keeps strangers from strolling through the yard as a short cut (or for more nefarious reasons) and was definitely in keeping with my shoestring budget.

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