08 January 2008

First Objects

Objects and images are important in studios. Stuff we like to look at for various reasons. I made this cut out space for light, a design element to echo the transom and for psychological space. Naturally, as a flat surface, it immediately started to accumulate things.

What things? An early bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale (still sealed!) because it reminds me of comforting things from my childhood, a cow skull to remind me of death and for a student drawing prop, a favorite pitcher glazed in gold and cream parked temporarily because the light reflects on it beautifully, an architectural reference book because it found a flat surface and a Chinese bowl that was parked there temporarily because I had my hands filled with something else.

The first images that went up for reference were photographs of Easter Island from a NYT article because they were great photographs and the images were stunning and mysterious. Easter Island is one place I would really like to go. Before it becomes a casino.

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